Getting there...

Whittier High School's Vic Lopez Auditorium

Rehearsals and concerts are held at the Vic Lopez Auditorium on the Whittier High School Campus unless otherwise noted. The Auditorium is at the end of Bailey on Whittier Ave, not on Phildelphia which is the official address of Whittier High.

You don’t have to go round and round the block looking in vain for that non-existent parking space. Just go 4 blocks east from the Auditorium on Bailey St. to Comstock Ave. Turn either right or left for 1/2 block and park in either of the two city parking lots. A 15 passenger van (provided by the City of Whittier) will pick you up every 5 minutes and drop you off right in front of the Auditorium. After the concert is over, the van will take you back to the parking lots. Just look for the “Tram Stop” sign in the parking lots. The vans begin picking up passengers at 2 pm. The map shows you right where to go.